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More Relief for Allergy Sufferers: Allergy Drops Now Available

Suffer from wheezing and itchy eyes? If you live in Austin, your answer is likely, “who doesn’t?”. Our sneezy city gets its ‘Allergy Capital’ label because of the ever-present pollen that blooms in the air.

When over-the-counter allergy medicines aren’t effective, many allergy sufferers turn to immunotherapy in the form of allergy shots, a long-term treatment method that helps the body to better tolerate the allergen.  Now Austin Regional Clinic offers another option for patients suffering from environmental allergies— allergy drops.

How do allergy drops work?

Much like allergy shots, allergy drops are a type of immunotherapy, gradually helping build the body’s tolerance to an allergen. Small, incremental doses of an allergen are placed under the tongue to boost tolerance to the substance and reduce symptoms.

What is the treatment process?

Daily drops of allergen extract are placed under the tongue for 1-2 minutes. Drops are administered at home after the first dose is tolerated in our office. Treatment begins approximately three months prior to peak allergy season and continues through the completion of allergy season. Year-round therapy may also be considered.

Are allergy drops as effective as traditional allergy shots?

No, the drops are not as effective as allergy shots. Allergy shots remain the most effective allergy treatment. However, allergy drops offer a safe, convenient option for those who do not tolerate allergy shots, as well as people who are unable to commit to an allergy shot schedule.

Who are the allergy drops for?

If you suffer from environmental allergies and are between 5 to 65 years old, you may be a candidate for this treatment option. Talk to your ARC Allergist to be evaluated for allergy drops.

Will my medical insurance cover the costs?

Although not covered by insurance, allergy drops offer convenience and other possible savings: no payments (co-pays or out-of-pocket costs) associated with allergy shots and/or prescription medicines and no need to drive to an allergy shot location. Patients may also use their flexible spending account to pay for drops. 

Interested in learning more about allergy drops? Book an appointment with an ARC Allergist today.

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