More energy and fewer meds

Evelyn and Dexter were newly married and happy to spoil each other, often showing their love through food. Then Dexter started nodding off easily after work and Evelyn was concerned. At the same time, she was ready to find a way to take off her post-menopausal weight gain.

The next time Evelyn saw her doctor they talked about the ARC Healthiness + OptiFast program. When Evelyn came home and talked about it with Dexter he decided to join her in the effort.


The plan customized for you

Dr. Hillary Miller customized a plan for Evelyn and Dexter based on their health, gender, age, height, and weight. They also talk about lifestyle, work schedule, and general habits.

“Patients are really surprised that the first 10 days, maybe a little bit hard.” Dr. Miller explains, “and then, after that they're in ketosis. They're not very hungry. They lose weight quite rapidly.”

A better life

Dexter is now completely off insulin, after taking it for 15 years. He and Evelyn say they have more energy and are sleeping better. They both still enjoy cooking together but they read labels and look out for each other. Dexter says it has been a blessing for both of them.

ARC Healthiness is a lifestyle change and weight-loss program that includes full or partial meal replacement plans and health guides to help you stay on track.

Reserve your spot in a FREE consultation about meal replacement programs, and find out which Healthiness plan is best for you.

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