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Making a Long Term Difference

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Parul Desai, MD, Cardiologist, has joined the teams at ARC Far West Medical Tower and ARC Quarry Lake in a new specialty, ARC Cardiology.

Dr. Desai’s practice in ARC Cardiology includes consultations, echocardiograms, echocardiographic interpretation, and stress testing (cardiac diagnostic tests), and is open to established ARC patients.

Dr. Desai has lived in Austin for the past 10 years, but before that she lived in many diverse locales. She says, “I lived in Zambia until I was 10, after which I moved to India for three years. I was 13 when I came to Los Angeles, where I attended high school until I left for college and medical school in Boston. My husband and I chose Austin as our home after finishing medical training.”

Saying she almost chose a career in teaching, Dr. Desai says she ultimately decided to become a doctor because, “Medicine allows me to form a personal and long-term involvement with individuals of all ages, backgrounds and interests.” Regarding her choice to become a cardiologist, she says, “Cardiology transfixed me early: the physiology of the heart, the physical exam, the breadth and depth of disease and importantly, the many tools available to actually make a long term difference.”

Less Is More

Her approach to her practice is simple, says Dr. Desai, “First, suspend judgment and walk in the patient’s shoes; second, educate the patient as to why a medication or procedure will work.” She adds, “I also feel strongly that unless a test will change my management or help clarify the disease process, less is more.”

Dr. Desai has a health tip that works for everyone! She says, “Just as you plan when you will eat dinner, plan WHEN you will exercise the day before and then stick to the plan! Quite simply, there is almost nothing which exercise (and yes, walking counts) does not improve: mood, blood pressure, sugar, weight….all of which help cardiovascular health.”

When she is not working, Dr. Desai loves to be outdoors – hiking, swimming, biking, and walking on the trail near her house. Her other passions include travel, reading, and live music. However, much of her free time is spent being a mom!

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Desai!

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