Leander Pediatrician Providing Care Since Childhood

“My goal is always to help parents to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted kids. I remember wanting to be a doctor since elementary school,” Dr. Lee Dockray said. “I was the oldest of four children and played an important role in caring for my siblings.” Watch Dr. Dockray's video biography to learn more about how extends that care to your children today.

Nine-Year-Old Doctor

Since elementary school Dr. Dockray knew he wanted to be a pediatrician. Growing up as the eldest of four children, he often cared for his siblings.

“This gave me an early appreciation for the fact that I like working with kids and I like taking care of them. And, that’s the only thing I ever wanted to do,” Dr. Dockray said.

His lifelong dedication to caring for children shows, parents who entrust their child’s care to Dr. Dockray have rave reviews:

  • “Amazing! We found our new pediatrician!”
  • “Dr. Dockray provided a great, in-depth visit.”
  • “Dr. Dockray was very helpful; above and beyond expectations.”

“Well Until Proven Otherwise”

In his pursuit to help “guide parents through the maze of raising children”, Dr. Dockray’s approach is that “children are well until proven otherwise.”

He partners with parents to better understand the severity of a given situation. This helps him provide care that is balanced, and only intervening when necessary.

“Most of the time, the parent knows pretty well what's going on with her child. Listening to those answers helps me in determining what I need to do and what I don't need to do,” Dr. Dockray said.

The Fun Part

“The fun part of pediatrics is watching the kids grow up and helping their parents through that,” Dr. Dockray said.

His days are highlighted by moments of offering relief to parents, assuring them that their children will be okay, and that they will continue to grow into young adults.

He advises parents to “spend time with your children.” Although this can be a difficult task when parents are tired or stressed by work demands, he urges parents and children to get to know each other well to help ensure children and parents can develop a strong bond that will be with them for years to come.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Lee Dockray's video biography to learn more about his dedication to caring for children, and how it came about during his childhood. You can also make an appointment online to see him at ARC Leander.

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