Kyle Internist Listens to and Laughs with You

Dr. Jonathan Nicholas “Nick” Posey’s goal is “to make you feel heard, to make sure that when you leave my office, you feel that I addressed all of your concerns.” That means that at the end of each day he has been able to help, listen to, and laugh with patients like you at ARC Kyle Plum Creek.

Addressing Your Specific Needs

Knowing that each person is different and has different needs, drives Dr. Posey each day “to make sure my patients know that I understand all of those other factors and I'm here to help them navigate all that, the best they can.”

He starts a visit with you by making eye contact, talking to you directly, and listening, above all else.

“Being a doctor is more of a listening act than speaking. I think many times you can learn a lot simply by listening to what the patient says,” Dr. Posey said.

He also extends this to “anyone else in the room by acknowledging their presence” in order to “be a good friend and listener, not just a doctor on the other end.”

Getting to Know You Really Well

As an internal medicine physician, Dr. Posey finds that developing a relationship with patients like you, is the key to providing “better care going forward because I know the patient and they know me really well.”

By being able to “see how their personal lives and issues come up that also affect their health care,” Dr. Posey can craft a treatment plan with you that works for you.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Jonathan Nicholas “Nick” Posey’s video biography to learn more about how he creates a welcoming space for you to talk, ask questions, and be heard. You can also make an appointment to see him at ARC Kyle Plum Creek.

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