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KXAN-TV Asks ARC, What’s Going Around?

When we think of summertime in Austin, we often think of swimming at the pool, outdoor movies and… sicknesses? Unfortunately, every season has its illnesses and we see a fair share of them at our clinics throughout Central Texas.

KXAN-TV recently asked Austin Regional Clinic what are the most common illnesses “going around” among our patients. Our doctors responded they are seeing many patients with these four viruses:

  • Viral gastroenteritis. These nasty stomach illnesses make you feel terrible and may include vomiting and/or diarrhea. The good news is that they typically go away after a few days of rest. Just make sure to drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration.
  • Viral sore throats. It may feel like you have strep throat, a bacterial infection that often causes a sore throat and fever, but antibiotics do not help this illness. Take it easy for a few days and you should start feeling better.
  • Fifth's disease. This viral illness is fairly common among children under five-years old. It is characterized by bright red cheeks and a mild skin rash that usually resolves quickly and without complications.
  • "Flu-like" colds — these are severe colds that include fever and achiness but are not quite the flu. Fortunately, after bedrest (and maybe some chicken soup) you should feel better in a couple days.

Learn more about ‘what’s going around’ by checking out the KXAN story here.

Not sure if what you have is a virus or something more serious? Book an appointment with an ARC provider online or by calling 512-272-4636.

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