I Have Never Treated Two Patients the Same, Dr. Walters in Round Rock

With a focus on individualized care, Dr. Andrew Walters has not “treated two patients the same, ever.” He does this by “treating the patient rather than treating the disease.” Watch his video biography to learn more about his practice at ARC Sendero Springs.

Time to Tell Your Story

One key to Dr. Walters’ individualized care is his focus on listening to you tell your story. His goal is to learn as much as he can about your medical history and healthcare goals.

“I strive everyday to be a better listener. I think you can gain so much from sitting and listening to the patient,” Dr. Walters said.

Only after a full understanding of your physical and mental state does he make recommendations.

“Knowing as much as you can about the patient prior to ordering tests or therapies, is really empowering,” Dr. Walters said.

Rewarding Moments, Every Day

Patients respond well to Dr. Walters’ philosophy of individualized care.

“Every day you have that moment where it's just so rewarding–a patient comes to you so grateful because they're feeling better,” Dr. Walters said.

A Special Relationship with You and Your Family

One of the reasons Dr. Walters chose a family medicine practice is because he can care for children, adults, and seniors. This means he can treat multiple generations of your family. His goal is “being part of a community and being able to know families in the community, and treat them; treat the parents and treat the kids.”

After caring for you and your family, Dr. Walter’s said, “You get to build those really special relationships with people. Some of them you even become friends with, and you get to sit down and you come to work and talk with your friends every day.”

Watch Dr. Andrew Walters’ video biography to learn more about how his practice is filled with friendship and individualized patient care. You can also make an appointment online to see him at ARC Sendero Springs.

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