Giving You the Tools to Care for Your Child

“My goal for [parents] is for them to feel like they have all the right tools and the confidence that they need to take care of their child,” said pediatrician Dr. Kathryn Wheeler. “I'm a full believer that you as a parent, you know your child the best.” Watch her video to learn more about how she cares for your child at ARC Cedar Park.

Celebrating Your Child

“My favorite part about pediatrics is being able to follow kids as they grow up and celebrating all the little things that kids get to celebrate, like the holidays and graduating from kindergarten,” Dr. Wheeler said.

She is here to both celebrate your child and help you through your child’s illnesses.

“I'm here to really help support you make all the right decisions for your kids. So that we can help make your child successful and healthy,” said Dr. Wheeler.

Inspired in Childhood

Since her own childhood, Dr. Wheeler has always wanted to be a doctor. Watching her father, also a physician, care for others inspired her to do the same.

“It’s not just a career, it's a life choice. This is a part of my story and my journey. I want to do this for as long as I can,” Dr. Wheeler said.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Kathryn Wheeler’s video biography to learn more about her lifelong desire to care for children, and how she partners with you to care for your child.

Meet Dr. Wheeler

If you would like an appointment for your child with Dr. Wheeler or you would like to meet her before the birth of your child:

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