Get Relief From Foot Pain As Quickly as Possible

“My goal for my patients is to get them better from whatever ails them as quickly as we possibly can,” says Dr. Daniel Halloran, Podiatry. Watch his video to learn more about how he helps you get relief from foot pain to get back on your feet.

Individualized Treatment

“I look at every patient as an individual,” Dr. Halloran says. That includes “working with patients and finding out what their goals are and what they want to accomplish.”

After years of seeing patients and diagnosing foot pain, Dr. Halloran knows what to expect from common foot problems caused by heel pain, bunions, and more. However, the treatment for each patient is customized based on the patient’s specific needs, capabilities, and goals.

“Depending upon your medical problems, your activity level, you may not get the same treatment for the same problem that another patient does at my clinic,” Dr. Halloran says.

An athlete training for a triathlon, “we can cater a treatment plan that is more aggressive for them,” Dr. Halloran says. Another patient with the very same problem will get a more measured treatment plan.

An Interest in Medicine Since Birth

“Initially, no one thought I was going to survive,” Dr. Halloran says.

He was born two months premature with a collapsed lung and says, “all of my childhood I was regaled with stories about all of these doctors that helped save my life.”

At a young age, these stories created a deep interested in both doctors and medicine that led Dr. Halloran on the path to become a podiatrist. Today, he helps patients regain mobility by relieving foot pain and works with diabetics with severe problems in jeopardy of losing a foot.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Daniel Halloran’s video biography to learn more about how he helps you accomplish your goals to walk or run again. You can also make an appointment online to see him at ARC Cedar Park Medical Plaza or ARC South 1st.

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