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Free teen heart screenings at ARC

ARC is once again partnering with Championship Hearts Foundation (CHF) to provide free teen heart screenings at various ARC locations this summer. Texas teen athletes, marching band, cheer, and drill team members, and any student ages 14 to 18 are eligible. The teens will undergo several tests to identify key factors that can be signs of a heart condition.

For each student, we:

  • collect height and weight measurements,
  • test blood pressure,
  • perform a 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) and
  • perform a limited echocardiogram (ECHO).

Our upcoming CHF events are being held at the locations and dates listed below:

Registration is through CHF. Limited availability.

About Championship Hearts Foundation

CHF estimates that 1 in 250 students are at risk for heart abnormalities that could potentially lead to life-threatening heart issues. Anyone who participates in strenuous activities is encouraged to get their heart screened for possible deadly genetic heart conditions such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, affecting 1 in 500 student athletes.

The Championship Hearts Foundation goal is to keep all young Texas athletes heart healthy by focusing on the prevention of catastrophic heart failures through comprehensive testing.

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