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Flu Has Arrived Early

Just before Thanksgiving break, Austin Regional Clinic saw a big jump in positive flu cases. While the total number of flu tests administered and positive flu tests have declined since that mid-November peak, ARC Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jay Zdunek told Community Impact that a second wave of flu cases may be likely as people travel and congregate in close quarters throughout the holidays.

“[The flu is] a highly contagious, spreadable disease. When people get into settings where there's a lot of socialization like the holidays, there is rapid spread,” said Dr. Zdunek to Community Impact.

School-age children and young adults tended to show the highest number of positive cases. Dr. Zdunek says that the elderly and parents with toddlers are more diligent about getting flu shots early in the season because of their increased vulnerability. But, it’s not too late.

“Your best defense against the flu is getting the flu vaccine,” Dr. Zdunek said.

He recommends doing so soon before the next holiday approaches. Even if you get the flu, if you’ve been vaccinated, it’s likely to be less severe.

Haven’t yet booked gotten a flu shot? Check out the flu clinic schedule here.

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