First shipment of Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations arrive at ARC Wednesday, December 23

ARC has received its first shipment of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Based on the CDC and state and local health department instructions, we have begun to vaccinate doctors and staff. We are inviting community healthcare workers, first responders, long-term-care staff and school nurses to request a vaccination at As we receive additional vaccine shipments, we will expand distribution to patients over 65 years old; those with increased risk due to chronic health conditions; and essential workers, including teachers in accordance with current federal and local health department guidelines. We will make every effort to expand coverage as well as update our patients and the general public as we receive additional supplies.

We appreciate everyone’s patience, support, and understanding as we all embark on this nationwide effort to combat COVID. National and state leadership predict that there will be a three- to six-month process to vaccinate our most vulnerable and at-risk citizens first. That will be followed with vaccine for all others. ARC will do everything in its power to expedite vaccinations for all.

Please use to check on your eligibility for a COVID-19 vaccination.  If you are eligible, you can provide contact information to be notified of vaccination scheduling. If you are not YET eligible, according to current guidelines, please watch for more information and regular updates about the vaccine. Eventually, everyone will be eligible.

If you are not a patient at ARC, please schedule an in-clinic or telemedicine appointment to Establish Patient Care so we have a record of your medical history and can notify you when you are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination. Follow the scheduling instructions at

Stay safe

It is critically important to continue wearing a face mask, washing your hands, and social distancing even after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

Stay informed

Read the latest information on COVID-19 vaccinations at See more information on COVID-19 vaccine allocation, including prioritization guidelines from the Texas DSHS website.

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