Expanding Access at ARC Kyle Plum Creek

Pediatrics joins Family Medicine in our After Hours Clinic

The ARC Kyle Plum Creek After Hours Clinic is now staffed by both Pediatricians and Family Medicine physicians who can care for you and your loved ones’ immediate health issues during those hours that your primary care physician or pediatrician are unavailable. As always, anyone is welcome to come to ARC Kyle Plum Creek; all of the ARC After Hours Clinic locations are available to both new and established patients.

If you have an urgent health issue and need access to health care at night, on a weekend, or on a holiday, the ARC Kyle Plum Creek After Hours Clinic is here for you. The hours for after-hours care at ARC Kyle Plum Creek are 5 – 9 pm Monday through Friday and 8am–5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Just make an appointment online, or call 512-295-1333.

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ARC After Hours Clinic locations are open on Labor Day

We wish everyone a Happy Labor Day, Monday, September 7, including our hard working physicians and staff. If you or your loved ones, including out-of-town guests, are not feeling well over the Labor Day weekend, our ARC After Hours Clinic locations are here for you. Call 512-272-4636 and press “1” to make an appointment at any of our open ARC After Hours Clinic locations ARC Far West, ARC Kyle, ARC NowARC Round Rock, or ARC Southwest.

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