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Empowering Nurses to Fight Burnout

ARC is one of many organizations around the country addressing burnout and professional fulfillment in a concerted way to improve job satisfaction among clinicians and, ultimately, improve patient care.

Dr. Claire Hebner, ARC Pediatrics, leads an ARC team that is working to improve staff resiliency, beginning with physicians.

Recognizing that nurse morale and physician morale are inter-dependent, Hebner’s team created a tactical strategy to redesign nurse triage, giving nurses more responsibility to make decisions that their physician colleagues knew they were capable and trained to do.

“There is a process to change a process — listening, training, executing — and modifying an established culture requires time and reinforcement for success,” said Dr. Claire Hebner, “But we can already see that these changes have resulted in immeasurable value.

In an era of increasing emotional exhaustion among doctors, when an energized physician workforce is essential to public health, this is time well spent. Read the full blog to see how Austin Regional Clinic is improving staff resiliency.

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