Disruptive Times in Health Care

In a recent profile in the Austin Business Journal, Dr. Anas Daghestani, Austin Regional Clinic CEO and President, and Medical Director of Population Health and Clinical Quality, discussed the effects of technological disruption in the healthcare industry. He says that not only does disruption cause a change in what patients expect from a healthcare provider, but is also affects the physicians’ perception of the future.

“There are a lot of changes affecting the health care system,” said Dr. Daghestani. “That can make physicians nervous because they don’t know what the future holds. But the changes are both challenges and opportunities.”

In this wide-ranging question and answer, Dr. Daghestani also talks about how his passion for running and cycling might just affect where the next ARC clinic opens! “Whenever we’re thinking, ‘Well, maybe we should have a clinic in this neighborhood or that neighborhood,’ you just go and run there or bike there and you can get a better feel for the traffic pattern, for the area,” he says.

He also addresses juggling the responsibilities of being the CEO of ARC and a practicing physician. Dr. Daghestani feels that keeping in touch with patients is the best way to keep in touch with running ARC at the highest levels.

Dr. Daghestani also gives some sage advice on topics ranging from what he does when he’s sick to his favorite health tips. (Spoiler: ARC and exercise!)

To read the full interview, visit the March 9, 2017 online issue of the Austin Business Journal.

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