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Combining Medicine and Caring

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Melissa P. Sauls,  RN, BSN, FNP-C has joined the Gastroenterology team at ARC Far West Medical Tower. Sauls, a nurse practitioner, says that she has always had a “passion for medicine.”

She continues, “My journey began when I volunteered at a children's hospital while in high school. I found myself continually drawn to medicine as I continued to volunteer in the hospitals in my community as an adult.”

Sauls explains that she decided to become a nurse practitioner in the field of gastroenterology because of the nature of the work. She says, “I chose to become a nurse practitioner for its unique ability of combining medicine with the art of caring for people.  Specifically, I have found a love for caring and providing a path to wellness to those experiencing gastrointestinal ailments.”

Listening to the Need of the Patient

Sauls describes her approach to patient care, “My philosophy of care is to keenly listen and be astute to the needs of the patient, and then tailor a jointly created plan of treatment.” 

In her free time, this Fort Worth native says, “I enjoy exercising and taking my dog for a run on the local trails.  I also enjoy watching movies and college football, listening to live music, and exploring the ever-expanding local eateries with my husband and two children.” 

Her best health tip for patients with GI issues is, “Many digestive health issues could be improved by maintaining a healthy lifestyle including exercise, adequate hydration, and a balanced diet while avoiding habits that include smoking, excessive caffeine, and alcohol.”  

To make an appointment to see a Gastroenterologist at ARC Far West Medical Tower, call 512-346-8888 or go online.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Melissa Sauls!

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