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Be Deserving of Your Patient’s Trust

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Sonika H. Momin, MD, has joined the ARC Family Medicine team.  She sees patients in various ARC locations.

When discussing her decision to specialize in Family Medicine, Dr. Momin tells us, “Family medicine is the perfect combination of science and service. It’s challenging enough to keep you on your toes with all the latest developments in medicine but also allows you to have close relations with patients, their families and community in order to better serve them.” She adds, “I think family medicine has the unique position of being able to reach out to a wide range of people in the community and help care for issues that can have substantial health impact.”

Push Forward and Learn New Things

“Patients and their families trust their doctors with their health issues,” says Dr. Momin, adding, “This is a huge responsibility because health is such a precious thing.”

Dr. Momin talks about the relationship between doctor and patient, and about the responsibilities of both parties. Of physicians, she says, “Be deserving of the patient’s trust. Work hard to make sure that your patient gets the best care possible, including pushing forward to keep learning new approaches that can improve patient outcomes.”

Of patients, Dr. Momin talks about taking responsibility for providing good information to the doctor. She says, “For chronic issues, such as diabetes and hypertension, it’s very helpful to bring in a log of readings. Sometimes the readings you get in the doctor’s office don’t tell you the whole story. Seeing more numbers like blood sugar levels or BP checks, say from your home, can give the doctor a better idea about what’s going on outside of the office and how to adjust your medications.”

An Austin native, Dr. Momin describes her favorite locale; “A small nook off Hwy 360 that’s near the river. I’m not sure if it has a name. It is super quiet and you can enjoy a nice sunset from there. I’ve visited the spot since my high school days and it’s still my favorite spot for solitude and peace.”

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic,  Dr. Momin!

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