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ARC Chief of Pediatrics Calls for Preventive Action to Protect Children

As a new measles outbreak spreads, fueled again by high rates of unvaccinated children, ARC Pediatric Chief Mai Duong, MD, endorses vaccines to prevent devastating diseases in her editorial published in the Austin American-Statesman.

Measles, often a deadly disease, was once eliminated in the U.S. because of a readily-available vaccine. But its reappearance in 2010, caused by large populations of unvaccinated people, motivated ARC to strengthen its vaccine policy to protect patients, especially those too young to get vaccinated or those with weakened immune systems. “With exemption rates growing in our community and around the U.S., we predicted it would be a matter of time before outbreaks became more frequent,” she said.

Dr. Duong advocates for childhood vaccinations to prevent not only measles, but also polio and whooping cough, and to increase the vaccination rates.

Read the entire editorial online.

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