ARC at TMA Conference: Look for the Right Partners

When it comes to working with outside investors to expand programs and services, there have been some learning experiences for Austin Regional Clinic.

“We had to kiss a lot of frogs to find the right [investor],” said Jay Zdunek, DO, and ARC Chief Medical Officer, to a packed audience at the ‘venture capital’ talk during Texas Medical Association’s Fall Conference, as reported in Texas Medicine magazine.

Jay recounted ARC’s experience in finding the right investor to help launch a better Medicare Advantage program — one that provides more coordinated, accountable, and quality medical care. They found the right ‘capital’ partner in agilon health. With their help, along with local clinical partners Premier Physicians, the Medicare Advantage program Connected Senior Care Advantage was launched.

The arrangement allowed ARC and its partners to create “new rules” for their Medicare Advantage program such as enhanced coordination of care by an expanded care team and more timely access to patient health information.

Dr. Zdunek warned the crowd to look closely at the partner and the terms of the arrangement to make sure “you’re not sacrificing independence “ for short term gain.

“I got to tell you — there are a lot of people who want to talk to you, but there aren’t a lot who want to give you the things that you want,” Dr. Zdunek said. “It’s a labor-intensive endeavor looking for that right partner.”

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