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ARC Access: Online Scheduling, Expanded Billing Services, New MyChart Features

Austin Regional Clinic strives to provide our patients with better access to convenient, reliable and high quality care. It’s accessibility amplified and it’s for you. See below for the latest news on scheduling and ARC MyChart features we’re rolling out to increase your access to care when you need.

Expanded Online Access

  • Online Scheduling for New Patients: Current patients already have easy, direct access to make appointments with their primary care doctor using ARC MyChart. Later this month, new ARC patients will be able to easily book an appointment directly with a doctor for an establish patient care visit, an adult physical, a child well-check exam, or an ongoing problem visit. After making an appointment, patients can use the new online registration form to register as a new ARC patient. Both the new patient online scheduling and new patient online registration will be available this fall.
  • Expanded Billing Services: Recently, we launched “ARC Quick Pay” to provide you with an easy way to pay your bill online. See the “MyChart Bill Pay” feature below for how we’re integrating billing into your MyChart experience.


New MyChart Features

ARC MyChart is designed to make it easier for you to understand and manage your health. As you make requests to expand your access and capabilities, we’re listening and expanding features as detailed below.

  • Access Your ARC Account: Soon you will be able to access your ARC account billing information, including balance due and past balances, as well as make a payment, from your MyChart account.
  • MyChart Referral Letter: ARC patients have always been able to see their referrals to other physicians in ARC MyChart, but did not get a notification when their referral was cleared with their insurance company. We have changed that. You will now receive a notification and letter in your ARC MyChart with an update about your referral.
  • See Lab Visits & Results: Lab appointments made in advance are now visible on ARC MyChart. To access your lab appointments, log into MyChart. For future lab appointment go to Visits > Upcoming Appointments and for past lab appointment go to Visits > Visit Summaries.
  • Caretaker Access: It's easier for parents like you to sign up for caretaker access. You can now sign up in the exam room when you are at an appointment with your child.

If you’re not on MyChart yet, ask your doctor or nurse to sign you up at your next appointment! If you would like access to your child’s or another adult’s MyChart account, you can download the forms here.

Sign in to your MyChart account to check out the new features mentioned above, and stay tuned for the new features coming later this month.

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