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A Well-Check Visit to Focus on Your Child’s Health

Keep Up WIth Immunizations, Discuss Development, Build Relationships

Taking your child to the pediatrician or family medicine doctor when he or she is healthy is just as important as going to the doctor for an illness. A well-check exam focuses on maintaining your child’s health and allows for preventive care like getting vaccinations. These visits are also known as a well-care, well-baby, or well-child visit.

Beyond Physical Health

A well-check exam goes beyond physical health, it gives you an opportunity to ensure that your child grows into a healthy young adult: physically, mentally, and emotionally. And, well checks allow you to partner with your child’s doctor to evaluate developmental milestones as they grow from infancy into childhood, then young adulthood.

“Parenting can be very challenging and you have a lot of sleep deprivation, especially in those first few months,” Dr. Jennifer Christensen says. “I don’t want any parent to ever think that they have a silly question. There are no silly questions. We are here for you.”

When Does Your Child Need a Well Check Visit?

Austin Regional Clinic doctors follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation for routine well-check exams. Please see the recommended schedule on our Well-Check Visit Newsletters page. They are frequent during the first couple of years, then from age 3 to 18 years old, we recommend an annual well-check.

Dr. Helena Gonzalez, ARC Pediatrician, recommends parents schedule their pediatric checkup “close to your child’s birthday as an easy way to remember each year.”

Book a Well Check Visit at Any Time

To book a well-check exam for your child, visit ARCBookNow.com. You can also allow older children to make the appointment using our online system. This will help give him or her a sense of independence and a glimpse into how easy it is with our online scheduling tool.

Evening and Weekend Appointments Through August

As an added convenience, Saturday School-Age well-check exams are available in July & August for patients returning to school in the fall, ages 5-18 only. You or your child can view the schedule and book an appointment online.

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