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This pediatrician serves as advocate and healer

Daniel Coelho MD, Pediatrics, joins ARC as a network physician. He will transfer to ARC Bastrop when that clinic opens later this summer. Read more.

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The chickenpox-shingles connection

“You should absolutely be vaccinated against shingles when you turn 50,” says Dr. Krupaben Patel. Find out why.

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What our food says about us

“Our diet is less nutritious, and we’re consuming more of it,” says Dr. Michael de Lota. How this affects our health.

Dr. Manish Naik named Chief Medical Officer for Austin Regional Clinic

Manish, M. Naik, MD, Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO), has been named Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for ARC. Dr. Naik will retain his CMIO position in addition to CMO.

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Can’t wait to start expecting? Start here.

When it takes longer than expected to start your family, you can’t wait to start expecting. For Marlina and Emily, the journey began with ARC.

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Are you ready to hug? Schedule your vaccine.

"The connection between people is very important … for vaccinated individuals, hugging falls under reasonable risk," says Dr. Jacqueline Champlain. Read more.

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Can straining to go when pregnant hurt the baby?

Pregnancy and constipation often go hand-in-hand. Dr. Zachary Hamilton assures, “Straining won’t harm the baby.” Learn more.

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The link between sleep apnea and the pandemic

Recently, ARC’s John "Caleb" Simmons, MD, tied an uptick in sleep apnea patients to the pandemic. Learn more.

How ARC increased colon cancer screeningss

Population Health improves outcomes by engaging patients in their health care. See how ARC increased colon cancer screening rates.

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