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Katie Lost 75 Pounds With Help From ARC

Katie lost 75 pounds with the ARC Weight Management OPTIFAST® Program. She says, “With this program, I have maintained [the weight loss].” She was able to lose the weight in 22 weeks with the support of a doctor, a counselor, and among a group of her peers all doing the same thing. Learn more about the program and Katie’s journey.

Round Rock Pediatrician Focuses on In-Clinic Care for Your Child

“I like to keep families in the clinic and away from emergency rooms because that can be very disruptive to their lives,” says Dr. Alan Rashid, pediatrician. Watch his video biography to learn more about Dr. Rashid, ARC Round Rock.

This Family Doctor Offers “Hands-On” Care

“OMT is hands-on care offered by a DO, who use their hands to diagnose and treat illness and injury,” explains Barbara M. Kiersz, DO, Family Medicine physician at ARC Far West in this recent podcast.

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Dr. Kiersz in Statesman: Does Elderberry Prevent Flu?

When Austin American-Statesman heard that the over-the-counter medicine elderberry was becoming scarce at local stores due to its believed flu-prevention powers they reached out to Austin Regional Clinic to learn more. Check out the guidance from Family Medicine physician, Barbara Kiersz, DO.

Doctor Focuses on Addressing Minor Problems Early

“My goal is to be there for the patient,” says Dr. Olivia Yun. She focuses on “feeling well in the body and the soul” by addressing minor issues before they develop into serious medical conditions. Watch her video to learn more about this family medicine physician at ARC Round Rock.

ARC Clinical Research Studying Anti-Flu Drug in High-Risk Patients

ARC Clinical Research has been studying a new drug to fight the flu in high-risk patients, with the goal of being able to offer another flu treatment choice to patients in the future.

New Family Medicine Doctor says “Knowledge is Key”!

Austin Regional Clinic welcomes Adriana A. Pratt, MD, Family Medicine physician, to the team at ARC Bee Cave.

Round Rock Doctor Establishes Family Trust to Care for You

“I like to treat patients like family,” says Dr. Daniel Kelly. “I think when a doctor and a patient have a long-term, trusting relationship, it really helps both the doctor and the patient.” Watch his video to learn more about how he does this at ARC Round Rock.

Return to the Things You Love

In this recent podcast, Dr. Brandon K. Zinn, Orthopedist and Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine physician at ARC Now Clinic and ARC Medical Park Tower Orthopedics, discusses getting back to activities you love.

New Podiatrist enjoys solving problems

Austin Regional Clinic welcomes Daniel T. Halloran, DPM, FACFAS, Podiatrist, to the team at ARC Cedar Park Medical Plaza. Welcome Dr. Halloran!

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