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You got email

You’ve Got (e)Mail: Updates From Your Doctor

Direct communication, straight to your inbox. ARC has begun sending more updates via email instead of U.S. mail. Read More


Mount Your Best Defense – Get a Flu Shot

Summer is almost over, which means it’s time again for football and … flu. And while we can’t help with defense on the field, ARC is here to help you defend against the flu. A flu shot is your best defense! Make an appointment at an ARC clinic near you - see our schedule.

Hearing Aids Tips

Top 5 Hearing Aids Tips

Do you have trouble hearing? You’re not alone. Hearing loss affects 35 million Americans. Luckily, it’s treatable. Check out these tips and improve your life. Read More

Long Waits on Hold

Tired of Long Waits on Hold? Try These Three Ways to Book an Appointment

Do you use the fastest ways to book at appointment? It’s as easy as 1-2-3… book on MyChart, schedule on our web site, or call 24/7. Avoid longer hold times and get quicker access. Read more.

Dr. Brandon Zinn

Do the Things You Love

In this recent podcast, Dr. Brandon Zinn, Orthopedist and Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine physician at ARC Now Clinic and ARC Medical Park Tower Orthopedics, discusses getting back to activities you love.

Dr. Norman H. Chenven

Austin Regional Clinic Founding CEO, Dr. Norman Chenven, receives AAFP honor

Dr. Norman H. Chenven, ARC Founding CEO, has received the 2017 Robert Graham Family Physician Executive Award , from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). The award is one of the organization’s highest honors.

Dr. David Kung

ARC’s Newest Rheumatologist says “Stay Active!”

Austin Regional Clinic welcomes David C. Kung, MD, Rheumatologist, to the team at ARC Cedar Park Medical Plaza.

The Importance of Rehab – Aired 9/13/2017

Rehab is an important part of the process when recovering from an injury.  Find out the two key components to successful rehab for sports injuries, as well as steps to preventing future similar injuries.

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Saturday Morning Walk-In Sports Injury Clinic

Injuries to bones, muscles, tendons, and joints don’t happen when you plan them. We see a surge of injuries in the fall especially when students start school and club sports. That’s why ARC offers a walk-in sports injury clinic every Saturday morning from 8:30am–12:30pm in the fall. Walk in or call 512-454-4561 for an appointment.

Dr. Jeffrey Padalecki, Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries Can Affect All Fitness Levels

“No matter if you’re a weekend warrior, school gymnast, football player, fitness center enthusiast, or just a casual biker or walker; you can experience pain or injury from an activity,” says Dr. Jeffrey Padalecki, ARC Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine specialist, in this recent podcast.

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