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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day recognizes public service

Americans recognize and celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on this federal holiday,  honoring the late civil rights champion and Nobel Peace Prize winner with educational and civic projects.

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Tips for Beating Cedar Fever

Are you suffering from itchy eyes and a runny nose? Chances are you have an allergy to cedar. This year cedar pollen counts have reached the highest levels seen in decades. Spectrum News spoke to ARC allergist, Dr. Colleen Adkins, about tips for getting through this sneezey season.

Helping You Be Who You Want to Be

His main goal is to help you be who you want to be and do what you want to do by addressing your hearing problems, says Dr. Robert A. Williamson, Jr. Watch his video to learn more about how he works with you at ARC Far West Medical Tower.

From rural medicine back to ARC

After pursuing interests in rural emergency medicine and international primary care medicine, Robert Y. Meyerson, MD, has returned to ARC part time as a Family Medicine physician at ARC Quarry Lake. Welcome, Dr. Meyerson!

Five ARC doctors named “Top Doctors 2017” by Austin Monthly magazine

Five ARC doctors in four specialties are among the doctors recognized in Austin Monthly magazine’s “2017 Top Doctors” listing.

Making Your Visit a Positive One

Each day, the goal is to make your experience a positive one, says Dr. Kristen Armstrong. She works with you to ensure your hearing aids are usable and enjoyable. Watch her video to learn about how she treats you like family at ARC Cedar Park Medical Plaza.

Making a Difference by Listening

Listening is the cornerstone of patient care with Dr. Dana Garcia at ARC South 1st. Learn more about her dedication to building a relationship with you in her video biography.

American Diabetes Association Updates Blood Glucose Level Recommendations

You may have noticed a change in your past blood glucose level test results due to updated recommendations sent out by the ADA.

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Moving Medications instead of Taking More

I met a patient for the first time during an appointment to evaluate his high blood pressure. I could tell from the look on his face and the sheer number of medication bags, bottles and papers that he needed guidance. Read More.

Dr. Serena Hon - Family Medicine on Smart Phones

Text Message Appointment Reminders Are Here!

Receive your appointment confirmation and reminders via text messaging with ARC!

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