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Enjoy a Healthy Autumn

Dr. Dominique J. Isaac, Family Medicine physician at ARC Anderson Mill, discusses staying healthy in the fall in this recent podcast.

Immediate Care Easier with Connected Care

“Getting healthcare when you are feeling ill or injured can often be confusing,” says Dr. Enas Pruitt, Family Medicine and Urgent Care physician at the ARC Now Clinic. Hear how connected care can help.

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Bunions: Common and Painful

“Bunions are a common yet painful problem,” says Dr. Carlos Romero, Podiatrist at ARC South 1st Specialty in this recent podcast of the ARC Healthcare Minute.

Hearing Aids: One Size Does NOT Fit All

Dr. Angel De La Cruz, Audiologist at ARC Round Rock, discusses why shopping for hearing aids is more than a “one size fits all” process in this recent podcast.

You Can Prevent Chronic Disease with Diet and Exercise

“Don’t survive. Thrive!” says Dr. Barbara Kiersz, Family Medicine physician at ARC Far West.

Birth Control Options

How many types of birth control are there? “Over a dozen,” says Dr. Romy Ghosh, Obstetrics/Gynecology (Ob/Gyn) physician at ARC Medical Park Tower in this recent discussion of types of birth control on the ARC Healthcare Minute.

Are Your Digestive Issues “Normal”?

Everyone has occasional digestive issues. How do you know if yours are normal? Listen to this podcast with Dr. Lilah Mansour, ARC Gastroenterologist to learn what to watch for and what to do.

Get Back to Your Active Lifestyle

“Millions of people suffer from shoulder pain,” says Dr. Jeffrey Padalecki, Orthopedic Surgeon and Shoulder Specialist at ARC. Listen to this podcast to hear what Dr. Padalecki has to say about shoulder injury and treatment.

Detecting Colon Cancer

What Dr. Christopher W. Bailey, General Surgeon at ARC wants you to know about colon cancer, early detection, and treatment. Listen to the podcast to learn more.


Top Tips for Flu Prevention

Dr. Dominique J. Isaac, Family Medicine physician at ARC Anderson Mill, gives her top tips for flu prevention in this recent podcast.