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December 2012 |
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One Baby Step at a Time

Are you ready to begin trying? Or ready for another child? Whether your journey is at the beginning or starting anew, we're here for you.

ARC Ob/Gyns provide you with the quality care you deserve and expect in a comfortable practice near you. Our Ob/Gyn doctors partner with you to grow your family and maintain your health today and into the years ahead. You and your baby are the center of attention on your first visit and every visit afterwards.

With ARC Ob/Gyn on your side, you have the added benefits of on-site lab and ultrasonography, same-day appointments, and pager/cell access to our doctors so you can get in or call if an emergency arises. ARC Ob/Gyn doctors will monitor your health and advise you about your healthcare including:

  • family planning,
  • nutrition and exercise during pregnancy,
  • high risk pregnancy care,
  • infertility issues,
  • genetic screening,
  • and more.

We invite you to meet our ob/gyn physicians at our Ob/Gyn Meet & Greet. These meetings give you an opportunity to meet our doctors and tour the labor and delivery department at the hospital where your Ob/Gyn will deliver your baby. You will also have an opportunity to meet an ARC Pediatrician who can help you begin planning for your baby's care after delivery. To find the Ob/Gyn Meet & Greet closest to you, please call (512) 272-4636 or e-mail us your name and the geographic area and/or neighborhood where you live.

If you have an urgent need during evenings, weekends, and on holidays, ARC offers the added convenience of our After Hours Clinic services. As an ARC patient, you will also have access to an all-night phone nurse for any urgent concerns in the middle of the night. You can call (512) 346-6611 for both the After Hours Clinic and to reach an all-night phone nurse. Additionally, an Ob/Gyn from the group is always on call when your doctor's office is closed.

If you would like any information about our Ob/Gyn physicians please call our information and referral line at ARC-INFO (512) 272-4636 or check our website at We look forward to guiding you through the milestones ahead as you grow your family.


Focus on Treatment

hans Your health care expert is Dr. Hans E. Bengtson, board certified in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology, ARC Far West Medical Tower.

Is there any relief for lower back pain?

Low back pain is a universal human experience. About 9 out of 10 adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives. It may be mild or extreme, merely inconvenient or totally incapacitating. Fortunately, low back pain often gets better on its own. But when it doesn't, the effective application of pain management techniques can reduce or eliminate most back pain. At ARC, we offer a number of services to evaluate and treat low back and any chronic pain. We can help you manage your pain and get back to a more comfortable, active lifestyle. Don't suffer – get help.

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