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Early Diagnosis of Juvenile Arthritis

In this recent podcast of KLBJ’s ARC Healthcare Minute, Dr. David C. Kung, ARC Rheumatologist, discussed diagnosis and treatment of pediatric rheumatic diseases, also known as juvenile arthritis, which affects nearly 300,000 children in America ages 16 and younger.

When Pain is Important

“If an injury limits your physical activity, then it’s important,” says Dr. Brandon Zinn, Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine physician at ARC. Hear more in this recent podcast of the ARC Healthcare Minute.

Protect Your Hearing

Dr. Cristie E. Jones, Audiologist at ARC has tips on ways to avoid noise induced hearing loss in this podcast of the ARC Healthcare Minute.

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Top Tips to Fight the Flu

Dr. Dominique J. Isaac, Family Medicine physician at ARC Anderson Mill, gives her top tips for flu prevention in this recent podcast.

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Treating Severe Ankle Sprains

“Ankle sprains are a common injury many of us have suffered,” says Dr. Daniel T. Halloran, Podiatrist at ARC Cedar Park Medical Plaza in this recent podcast from the ARC Healthcare Minute.

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What is an Overuse Injury

Dr. Ross E. Hairgrove, ARC Orthopedist and Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine physician, discusses how overuse injuries occur in this recent podcast.

First Step When Trying to Get Pregnant

What does Dr. Bernard A. Lynch, Ob/Gyn at ARC Medical Park Tower recommend that couples do before they try to have a baby? Listen to this podcast to find out.

Hearing Aids Tips

Connect to the World Around You

Dr. Cristie E. Jones, Audiologist at ARC discusses hearing loss and communication needs in this podcast of the ARC Healthcare Minute.

Chronic Hip Pain

Dr. Edward Garrison Benton, Jr, Orthopedic Surgeon at ARC recently discussed some causes and treatment options for chronic hip pain in this podcast of the ARC Healthcare Minute.