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Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms and Treatment

“When dealing with sinusitis, symptoms can be seasonal, but an episode that drags on can be a problem,” said Dr. John “Caleb” Simmons, Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physician at ARC South 1st Specialty when discussing chronic sinusitis on this recent ARC Healthcare Minute.

Plantar Fasciitis - Causes and Treatment

“The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis,” says Dr. Daniel T. Halloran, Podiatrist at ARC Cedar Park Medical Plaza in this recent podcast from the ARC Healthcare Minute.

Hearing Aids Today

“Get back in the conversation,” says Dr. Cristie E. Jones, Audiologist at ARC Kyle Plum Creek. Hear what Dr. Jones has to say about hearing aids in this recent podcast of the ARC Healthcare Minute.

Answers to Your Questions

“A well woman exam is a safe space where you can ask questions you might have about your health,” says Dr. Leah D. Tatum, Obstetrician/Gynecologist at ARC North Austin Ob/Gyn in this recent ARC Healthcare Minute podcast.

Don’t Just Buy a Hearing Aid

“Hearing aids can be customized to your needs,” says Dr. Angel F. De La Cruz, Audiologist at ARC Round Rock, which is why he suggests talking to an audiologist before you make a purchase. Hear more in this podcast.

Finding the Right Pediatrician

“It’s important to find a pediatrician who fits your vision,” says Dr. Helena C. Gonzalez, Pediatrician at ARC Far West in this recent ARC Healthcare Minute podcast.

Allergy Drops Offer an Alternative to Allergy Shots

“Allergy drops are a type of immunotherapy,” said Dr. Kelly H. Simpson, Allergy and Asthma physician at ARC Medical Plaza Specialty and ARC Far West Medical Tower, in this recent podcast of the ARC Healthcare Minute.

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Screen Time Guidelines for Your Child

“The key is to ensure your child has healthy sleeping, eating, and playing habits,” said Dr. Sapna Shah, Pediatrician at ARC Anderson Mill, when recently discussing screen time guidelines for children of all ages on the ARC Healthcare Minute.

Dr. Merlin J. Abraham Exercise

Exercise Your Way to a Healthier Life in 30 Minutes

“Get out there and get moving,” says Dr. Merlin J. Abraham, Family Medicine physician from ARC Pflugerville. Dr. Abraham recently shared some tips on how to fit an exercise regimen into your daily schedule on this ARC Healthcare Minute podcast.

Life-Saving Screening

“Mammograms are an important, life-saving breast cancer prevention screening, “says Dr. Sandra L. Worrell, Family Medicine physician at ARC Kyle Plum Creek, in this recent podcast of the ARC Healthcare Minute.

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