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Is my pain important?

“When you have an injury or pain from physical activities, you may think ‘My pain is not important enough to see a doctor’,” says Dr. Brandon K. Zinn, Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine physician at ARC. Hear Dr. Zinn explain why it is important in this recent podcast.

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Can your prescription cause weight gain?

“What can you do if your medication is causing weight gain?” asks Dr. Stephanie A. Ericson, Internal Medicine physician with ARC Healthiness. Dr. Ericson discusses medication-related weight gain in this recent podcast of the ARC Healthcare Minute.

Easy access for your child’s health

“At ARC, you have a healthcare team that uses electronic medical records and a patient portal to give you easy access to quality care for your child when you need it most,” says Dr. Helena C. Gonzalez, Pediatrician at ARC Far West, in this recent podcast.

New Year, new exercise program

““The notion that exercise must really be hard or painful to be beneficial is simply wrong,” says Dr. Ross E. Hairgrove, ARC Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine physician. Hear more about starting a new exercise regimen in this podcast from ARC Healthcare Minute.

Recognizing chronic sinusitis

““For the correct diagnosis and treatment of chronic sinusitis, I suggest you talk to an ENT who can work with you to help alleviate symptoms early and avoid complications,“ said Dr. John “Caleb” Simmons, Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physician at ARC South 1st Specialty and Pediatrics when discussing chronic sinusitis on this recent ARC Healthcare Minute.

Find the right weight loss program for you

““Find a weight loss program that focuses on your lifestyle,” says Dr. Stephanie A. Ericson, Internal Medicine physician with ARC Healthiness. Hear Dr. Ericson’s tips for finding the right weight loss program in this recent podcast of the ARC Healthcare Minute.

What to look for in a doctor

“Look for a doctor who gives you access to quality, connected care,” says Dr. Enas Pruitt, Family Medicine and Same-Day Care physician at the ARC Now Clinic, in this recent podcast.

Allergy Shots Offer Long-Term Relief

“Allergy shots can offer you long-term relief from symptoms even after treatment stops,” says Dr. Kelly H. Simpson, Allergy and Asthma physician at ARC Medical Plaza Specialty and ARC Far West Medical Tower, in this recent podcast.