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Flatfeet - podiatry

ARC Podiatrist Reveals Simple Steps to Relieve Your Heel Pain

“Get back on your feet!” Dr. Vikas A. Godhania, Podiatrist at ARC Far West Medical Tower talks about heel pain causes and treatment this recent podcast.

Cedar Park Pediatrician Gives Water Safety Tips for Children

In this recent podcast from the ARC Healthcare Minute on KLBJ News Radio, ARC Cedar Park Pediatrician Dr. Christine Hoang discussed water safety for children, giving several helpful tips to parents.

Dr. Rodolfo G. Gutierrez-Macias - Family Medicine

ARC Leander Physician Describes Low T Symptoms

Dr. Rodolfo G. Gutierrez-Macias, Family Medicine physician at ARC Leander, describes symptoms of low testosterone to be aware of in this week’s podcast.

Podiatry ingrown toenails

When to Seek Treatment for an Ingrown Toenail

Do you know when an ingrown toenail should be checked by a doctor? Dr. Carlos Romero, Podiatrist at ARC South 1st Specialty explains in this podcast.

Well Check Visits

Don’t Forget Your Well Child Check Ups

Your child should have a well-check exam every year. Dr. Helena Gonzalez, Pediatrician at ARC Far West, has a simple suggestion to help you remember to plan that visit. Listen to the podcast.

Hernia Repair Options

“A hernia occurs when part of an internal organ or tissue bulges through a weak spot in the abdominal wall.” says Dr. Joseph Garcia, ARC Surgeon. Listen to the podcast to learn more.

Dr. Jacob Childers

When it Comes to Telemedicine, Local is Better

Are all telemedicine services equal? Dr. Jacob Childers, Urgent Care Medicine physician at Austin Regional Clinic, talks about what to look for when using telemedicine in this recent podcast on the ARC Healthcare Minute.