Staff RN, ARC Medical Plaza

Nursing - OB/GYN

Valued employee for 9 years

What do you do at ARC/CMS?
Work as a nurse with a provider.

Why did you choose to join ARC/CMS?
I was a patient before I was employed by ARC and I like the facilities. After MA school I applied for an externship and was hired.

What makes ARC/CMS a great place to work?
The people make ARC a great place to work. You can make life long friends. Also you have the ability to move around to different clinics and meet new and intersting people. There are different scheduling options if you have kids you can work nights at after hours and still be home during the day. Or work days and go to school at night.

How does ARC/CMS help you grow your career?
When I first started working for ARC I was a medical asisstant. I was able to go to school and get my RN.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering joining ARC/CMS?
If you want to work for a company where there is room for advancement and if your willing to work for it then ARC is for you.

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