Lead Ultrasonographer, ARC Medical Park Tower


Valued employee for 20 years

What do you do at ARC/CMS?
I perform diagnostic ob/gyn ultrasound examinations.

Why did you choose to join ARC/CMS?
I liked the health care climate here. I think the ob/gyn doctors are some of the best anywhere.

What makes ARC/CMS a great place to work?
I think that Doctor Chenven many years ago set a standard for patient care and staff relations that continues to well serve our community.

How does ARC/CMS help you grow your career?
By treating me as part of the patient care team and encouraging my professional input, by being fair to me as an employee, and by providing the technical support I need.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering joining ARC/CMS?
If you want to work for the best medical group in Texas, if the not the US, I would highly recommend this group. The doctors here are great.

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