Eligibility Coordinator - Mediview, I-35


Valued employee for 7 years

What do you do at ARC/CMS?
Process incoming mail for analysts, pull claims for audits check eligibility on members and providers of all the different plans that we handle. I also assist my manager with what ever tasks he needs.

Why did you choose to join ARC/CMS?
It was reccommended to me by another ARC/CMS employee at the time

What makes ARC/CMS a great place to work?
There is not an Ivory Tower thinking here. All employees are listened to on thoughts of improvement no matter your position.

How does ARC/CMS help you grow your career?
I have the greatest manager and he helps our department grow by promoting from within.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering joining ARC/CMS?
Check our website for a position they would like and apply right away.

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