Customer Service Representative, I-35


Valued employee for 9 years

What do you do at ARC/CMS?
I answer questions about ARC, for both employees and new patients. I help people moving to the Austin area find a doctor and let them know about the ARC Advantage. It's great! I love it!

Why did you choose to join ARC/CMS?
I was temping when I moved to Austin and they sent me everywhere and I enjoyed it a lot. When I was sent to ARC I did not want to leave.

What makes ARC/CMS a great place to work?
The employees, my co-workers, the bosses, The CEO (Dr. Chenven) - It is just really a great place to work.

How does ARC/CMS help you grow your career?
ARC has believed in me! They have offered classes to help me. They believe in me and I believe in ARC. I do have a career now, and I am very grateful. I enjoy coming to work every day, I can not see myself working anywhere else!

What advice would you give to someone who is considering joining ARC/CMS?
That there is no where else that is better to work, the people who work here are the best! When the CEO at your work takes the time out of his day to talk to you, to truly care how you are! Thats GOOD! I feel like I am a valued employee here. That is a really good feeling!

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