Coding & Compliance Manager, ARC Quarry Lake

Coding Quality

Valued employee for 1 year

What do you do at ARC/CMS?
Oversee the Coding Department and assist all ARC Providers with Coding. I am also the Asst. Compliance Officer charged with increasing the effectiveness of ARC's Compliance efforts.

Why did you choose to join ARC/CMS?
I have to say that ARC stood out as having a great reputation in the Austin Area. Upon interviewing for this position I really felt that it was a professional organization growing with success.

What makes ARC/CMS a great place to work?
The support I have received from executive management has far surpassed my expectations.

How does ARC/CMS help you grow your career?
Working together with a team of highly effective individuals.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering joining ARC/CMS?
Take it from me... I feel more comfortable in this organization than any other I have worked in during my 30+ years in Medical Administration. Executive management does care and has been very supportive in moving the organization to the Highest standards of professionalism.

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