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Why children's annual wellness visits are important

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With the many calls and questions we have received about our COVID-19 vaccination process, we thank you for your patience and appreciate your trust in our physicians and staff. We continue to work as hard as we can to secure more vaccine doses for our patients and the community and to make this process easy.

We will continue to update you as the situation evolves. You can check for updates and visit our COVID FAQ page for any questions you have about the vaccine itself.

Here are some ways to avoid wait times on the phone and get the care you need.

ARC follows Texas DSHS Guidelines with the current limited supply

ARC received 7,000 doses of vaccine on December 23rd and have vaccinated about 4,000 people following Texas DSHS guidelines. We have over 50,000 patients who are prioritized to get a vaccine in groups 1A and 1B. We continue to work through the backlog of Group 1A and expect limited shipments each week. We will notify patients and the community when we are scheduling for Group 1B. Read more on the DSHS web site.

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Who is in Group 1B?

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