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The practice of medicine is a science, and an art

Gastroenterologist Sami N. Adib

ARC is happy to announce that Sami N. Adib, MD, Gastroenterology, has joined the team at ARC East 7th. Dr. Adib says, “I was drawn to medicine due to its foundation in science with the daily practice being an art.” He adds, “I enjoy helping people in need and working with them to alleviate their suffering.”

When asked about his goals in practicing medicine, Dr. Adib says, “I believe in providing preventive, high-quality care, managing diseases and curing them when possible.”

Treating all patients with sympathy and understanding

Of his philosophy in practice, Dr. Adib says, “I strive to treat patients with sympathy and understanding by listening carefully, taking detailed histories, giving a thorough physical exam with appropriate testing, and developing collaborative care plans with them.”

When asked about health tips he gives to patients, Dr. Adib responded, “Eat a high-fiber, low-fat diet while taking your time to chew and staying hydrated. Manage stress with exercise and sleep and don’t forget to get your screening colonoscopy.”

In his free time, Dr. Adib enjoys spending time with his family, along with camping, hiking, playing soccer, volleyball, and reading.

Make an appointment today

Dr. Adib is currently accepting new  and established patients. To make an appointment, call ARC East 7th at 737-910-6700 or go online at

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