Kristin's story of resilience and connection

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In health care, a deep connection often exists between physicians and their patients. This video shares the journey of resilience and persistence between a patient and her family doctor. ARC patient Kristin recalls her doctor's persistence in setting up her annual Medicare Wellness Visit. Meghana G. Dandekar, MD, Family Medicine at ARC Cedar Park Building C, reached out to Kristin multiple times to set up this screening appointment.

Unusual symptoms lead to first referral

During the exam, Dr. Dandekar noticed some concerning symptoms and quickly referred Kristin to Karla T. Waller, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology at ARC Medical Plaza Specialty.

From there, biopsy results arrived, bearing grave news: carcinoma. "I thought she was kidding me," Kristin says of the shocking news. "I was feeling fantastic." But Kristin's resilience shone through her treatment. Despite the challenges of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, she embraced life with unwavering determination.

More symptoms lead to a second referral

In time, new discomfort arose, leading her back to Dr. Dandekar. At this visit, Dr. Dandekar's comprehensive approach led to the discovery of severe arthritis. This time, Kristin was referred to David H. Michel, MD, ARC Orthopedics, who recommended hip replacement surgery. Kristin underwent the surgery with great success. "I got up and started walking the next day," she recalls.

Trust and connected care

Throughout Kristin's journey, the power of connection between patient and physician remained evident. Dr. Dandekar's ability to coordinate with specialists, ensuring seamless patient care, exemplifies the importance of early detection, trust in healthcare providers, and the significance of connected care. "I never appreciated having a network of doctors until I went to ARC," Kristin says, reflecting on how her ARC care team "worked behind the scenes" to communicate with each other and to keep her in the loop.

In Kristin's words about Dr. Dandekar and the other ARC doctors involved in her journey, "I trusted her, so I trusted the doctors that she encouraged me to go see. That's what patient care is about."

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