Focusing on chronic as well as acute issues

Gastroenterologist Nina Nandy, MD at ARC Medical Plaza Specialty in Cedar Park

We are pleased to welcome Nina Nandy MD, MS, ABOM, Gastroenterology to ARC Medical Plaza Specialty.

"I believe in educating and empowering patients with respect to their medical conditions so that we can make informed decisions together as a team," says Dr. Nandy. "I take a holistic approach to medicine combining lifestyle modifications with evidence-based medicine that is individually tailored to a patient's specific needs."

"I chose a career in Gastroenterology due to the focus on chronic as well as acute issues, the variety and complexity of cases and the ability to perform cutting-edge minimally invasive procedures in order to understand a patient's condition inside and out," says Dr. Nandy.

In her free time, Dr. Nandy serves on the editorial boards of various peer-reviewed journals so she can stay up to date on the latest data and is involved with gastroenterology societies at the national level. She also serves as a podcast host for American Gastroenterology Association focusing on mentorship and trainee career development.

Beyond those commitments, Dr. Nandy enjoys, "playing piano and guitar, painting, exploring the music scene in Austin and managing her two famous cats' Instagram accounts!"

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Dr. Nandy is currently accepting new patients. Call ARC Medical Plaza Specialty at 512-260-1581 to make an appointment.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Nandy.

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