Do you struggle with painful periods?

ARC Clinical Research now enrolling for a daily birth control pill trial

If you are a woman under 45, you may qualify for a current ARC Clinical Research study investigating a daily hormonal birth control pill. All study participants will receive a 12-month supply of the study medication at no cost. Enrollment closes April 28.

Contraception clinical study

ARC Clinical Research is enrolling participants in a study investigating a daily hormonal birth control pill.

How does it work?

The study medication is designed to prevent pregnancy by blocking the release of the egg. This may help reduce or stop monthly menstruation. The study medication may also reduce side effects such as weight gain, bloating, and painful periods.

How to enroll

ARC Clinical Research looks at new ways to prevent, detect, or treat diseases that affect our community. Volunteers in research studies — people just like you — are a critical link in making these discoveries possible.

Learn more about the contraception study. Call 512-225-5931 to enroll.

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