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Building meaningful relationships with patients

Family Medicine Doctor Leli Laurie Chen

ARC is pleased to announce that Leli Laurie Chen, MD, Family Medicine, has joined the team at ARC Center Street.

“What I love most about Family Medicine is the breadth of care provided during every stage of life and how it allows us to connect with our patients and their families in a special, integral way,” says Dr. Chen. “From having conversations with new parents and helping with the care of their newborn child, to having difficult end-of-life discussions with patients and their loved ones, and to everything else in between, Family Medicine provides opportunities to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with my patients and hopefully make a positive impact in our community.”

Patients should feel respected and cared for

“When a patient comes into my clinic, the most important thing is for them to feel cared for and respected,” says Dr. Chen.  “I’m here to listen to and advocate for my patients, and ultimately, to collaborate with them towards the betterment of their health.”

What is the one health tip that Dr. Chen shares with all patients? “Try to get good quality sleep every night - it will help in all aspects of life, both short-term and long-term.”

In her free time, Dr. Chen says she enjoys, “Anything food related!” She adds, “I also enjoy traveling and hiking, anything music related, and of course spending time with loved ones.”

Make an appointment today

Dr. Chen is currently welcoming new and established patients. To make an appointment, call ARC Center Street at 737-404-0347 or go online at

Welcome to ARC, Dr. Chen!

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