Ashley G.

Ashley G.

Dr. Michelle Markley, Family Medicine

Words can’t describe Dr. Michelle Markley . She is calm, patient and passionate. She is a miracle worker for my family.

When her six-month old daughter Lilly woke up from a nap with a high fever, Ashley immediately brought her to ARC. “I was freaking out because she was burning up,” Ashley says.

By the time they got to the office of Dr. Michelle “Missy” Markley, Lilly’s temperature was 104 degress and Ashley and Lilly were both crying. Dr. Markley was not working that day but nurses Allison and Kristen calmed Ashley and Lilly down and sent them to Dell Children’s Hospital.

“I wasn’t sure how to get there,” says Ashley, “so Kristen stayed on the phone with me the whole time while Allison called the hospital to inform them that we were on our way.”

Lilly had the flu and a double ear infection. Dr. Markley called Ashley the next day to check on Lilly.

Lilly had seen Dr. Markley for her 2-month and 4-month well checks and she was great with Lilly. “Words can’t describe Dr. Markley. She is calm, patient, and passionate,” Ashley says. Ashley was also impressed with the thoroughness of Dr. Markley’s exams. “She spent 30 minutes on a well-check! My son never got that kind of care with our previous doctor.”

Lilly received such good care from Dr. Markley that Ashley “fell in love with ARC.” She became Dr. Markley’s patient as did her husband and son. They drive from “way south Austin” to ARC Far West because Ashley feels that “Dr. Markley is worth it. She is a miracle worker for my family.” Lily is four-years old now and she adores Dr. Markley so much that she asks to go see her.

Recently, Ashley brought her grandmother to Dr. Markley’s office. “She has diabetes and high blood pressure and she was not feeling well. Her medicine dosages were all wrong, but Dr. Markley straightened them out in just one visit,” Ashley says.

Two years ago, Ashley became an employee of ARC. She works as a medical assistant for Dr. Robert Meyerson , Family Medicine, who Ashley respects and admires. “Dr. Meyerson cares so much. He remembers every little thing about each patient.”

Ashley also praises all of the nurses that she works with. “They are passionate about their jobs and they truly care about their patients,” Ashley says, then she adds, “We all care about our patients. We are one big family at ARC and the patients are a part of that family.”

Ashley calls ARC “a great place to work .” Thanks to ARC’s tuition reimbursement program , she is studying to be a nurse. When she graduates, she plans to work in a hospital for a year and then come back to her family at ARC.