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CFO Viewpoint: The Quandary of Cost Transparency

What’s the cost of the procedure? A common (and, frankly, reasonable) question from patients contemplating a surgery. “It depends” is the honest and accurate answer — yet frustrating to provider and patient.

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CFO Viewpoint: Caring for Patients All the Way (Bills Included)

Within doctors’ examination rooms, operating rooms and waiting rooms, clinicians and other staff know the importance of empathy. Caring for patients and loved ones extends beyond one’s medical skills. It also requires a good heart.

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Physician Viewpoint: 3 Levers to Improve Delivery System…Or Risk Failure

The last few months have been an anxious time. Daily, elected officials face angry constituents fearful of losing their coverage. What is clear is that voters want affordable, convenient, technologically enabled, high-quality medical care.

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Physician Viewpoint: Physician, Heal Thyself (with Help)

Doctors see firsthand the toll that today’s increasingly stressful society takes on patients: Engineers, office managers, teachers, you name it. Work demands have increased, as has multitasking. Demands outside the workplace add additional stress...

Physician Viewpoint: Acute Care Telemedicine - Catching Up to Modern Life

Patients have questions, too. Will their insurance cover an urgent care telemedicine visit? Is shared data secure? Will internet connections work well? What’s the risk of miscommunication leading to misdiagnosis?

Physician Viewpoint: Obamacare, Trumpcare…Changes Needed

The first-time failure to garner enough congressional support to erase and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), known also as Obamacare, leads to the next, logical question: where do we go from here?