• Norman Chenven, MD

    Norman Chenven, MD

    ARC Founding CEO
    President and CEO, Covenant Management Systems
    Family Medicine
    with ARC since 1980

  • Anas Daghestani, MD

    Anas Daghestani, MD

    President, ARC Executive Board
    Medical Director, Population Health and Clinical Quality

    Internal Medicine
    with ARC since 2005

  • Jay Zdunek, DO, MBA

    Jay R. Zdunek, DO, MBA

    Chief Medical Officer
    Family Medicine
    with ARC since 2015

  • Manish Naik, MD

    Manish Naik, MD

    Chief Medical Information Officer
    Assistant Chief, ARC Internal Medicine Department

    Internal Medicine
    with ARC since 1996

  • Alison Ziari, MD

    Alison Ziari, MD

    Chief, ARC Pediatrics
    with ARC since 2007
  • Gary M. Landry

    Gary M. Landry

    Chief Administrative Officer
    with ARC since 2002

  • Jeffrey Madere

    Jeffrey Madere

    Chief Information Officer
    with ARC since 1997

  • Theodore (Ted) P. Matthews, MBA, CPA, CGMA

    Theodore (Ted) P. Matthews, MBA, CPA, CGMA

    Chief Financial Officer
    with ARC since 2015

  • Laura Wills, PhD

    Laura Wills, PhD

    Chief Operations Officer
    with ARC since 1994

  • Patti Parker

    Patti Parker

    Vice President – Population Health/Clinical Quality Programs
    with ARC since 1982

  • Bob Martin

    Robert T. Martin

    Vice President, Human Resources
    with ARC since 2007

  • Lucy Sumner

    Lucy Sumner

    Administrator of Hospitalist Services
    with ARC since 1991

  • Kelly Thornburg

    Kelly Thornburg

    Vice President, Finance
    with ARC since 1994